Let’s All Be in Awe of the Works of Leonardo Co

2 August 2015
Elpidio V. Peria



Photograph: JF Barcelona/phytoimages.siu.edu

The Guardian newspaper recently featured nice photos of certain Philippine plants collected in a lifetime of work by slain Filipino botanist Leonardo Co.

The photos are from a website established by former colleagues of Mr. Co, which contain useful facts, information and photos of all plants that were worked on by Mr. Co when he was still alive.

Among the other interesting contents of the site is a listing of plants (named in the website as “WHICH PLANT DID YOU COME FROM?”) to which some of the places in the Philippines are named, like Dadiangas (Ziziphus talanai), the old name of General Santos City; Bohol (Gmelina villosa), which is both an island and a province; Iloilo (Doubanga mollucana), also a province; and Lipa (Dendrocnide meyeniana), a town in Batangas, and many more.

The site is also a showcase of citizen science at work, as the site asks its visitors to also provide it more information and photos of the plants featured therein, and other new facts that may be related to the featured plants, to add to the stock of knowledge the site already provides.


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