Given that the Biodiversity, Innovation, Trade & Society (BITS) Policy Center, Inc, upon the decision of its Board of Directors ceased to continue with its existence as a non-stock corporation under Philippine laws last 30 September 2017, it has since transferred its assets, thematic programs and cases under litigation to the Passionist Center-Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation, Inc. (PC-JPIC), also in General Santos City and PC-JPIC has a blog (, you can continue following me there with my regular blog posts coming out still, whenever time permits, every Sunday, on a section in that blog called POINTS OF PASSION.

Thank you for your continued support and interest in this blog, you who were not faint-hearted but were curious and concerned about the topics written about here in this blog and I hope, in spite of my dense and kilometric sentences, at times, I would like to believe that you have picked up a thing or two that illuminated the burning issues of the day for you and ultimately you were  all the better for it.

Appreciated truly your questions and support, now we move to another venue. Tara na, let’s go there! –!


Elpidio V. Peria

14 January 2018

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